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Nothing feels better and more comfortable on your floors than beautiful, well made carpets. Carpets add an element with the insulating value of millions of carpet fibers.

For those with cold feet, a carpet may be a necessity in cold climates and in the summer even slows the assault of the midday heat into your home. Carpets can add a measure of safety on stairways and over slippery hardwood floors. This can be a significant factor in your choice of floor covering.

 Carpet benefits

Carpets provide comfort. They reduce noise in homes where stereos, televisions, computers and appliances are being used below. If you have several children who like to invite friends over, you know how noisy and stressful those experiences can sometimes be. For you, carpets are the right choice. For people with a heavy walking gait, carpets can cushion their footsteps and minimize noise for those on the floor below.



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When choosing carpeting, a sensible selection needs to be made that will enhance the appearance and comfort of your home as well as being serviceable.
The correct pile is essential to the area to be carpeted, with heavy traffic areas using loop pile carpets.
The look and feel of the carpet enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. This is very important so choose a carpet that will last. Have the carpets fitted by a professional carpet dealer, as this will ensure that your carpets have the correct life span. If in doubt
contact us.

 Carpet types

Carpets are categorized by the weave of fibers used in the carpet material. This can be a loop pile or cut pile weave. Each weave produces different benefits such as visual design, warmth, feel, softness and durability. Many different natural and synthetic materials are used in the construction of carpet piles.




Van Dyck carpets have been one of South Africa’s most recognised carpet brand for the past 40 years.

Always abreast of International carpeting trends, Van Dyck Carpets know South African condition, South African people and what they really want.

Carpets are specifically designed for both domestic and business use with the most demanding usage and traffic in mind.

Van Dyck Carpets, always a great choice.